The course for Identification and Classification of Diamonds is carried out by TADS in cooperation with the HRD Antwerp

The course examines the gemological aspects, both theoretical and practical, related to the world of diamonds: analysis and classification of the quality elements, imitations, treatments and synthesis.

The course ends with the “HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grader” issued by HRD Antwerp which provides access to Diploma of Gemologist.
The course aims to improve the role of professionals working in the world of jewellery and goldsmith, with technical expertise and in-depth knowledge on the identification of diamonds.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the properties of diamonds.
  • Explanation of the 4C’s: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.
  • Correct cleaning of diamonds.
  • Diamond optics. Use of HRD Antwerp stereozoom microscope (D- Scope).
  • Systematic examination of a diamond. Favourable and unfavourable angles of observation.
  • Principles of weighing, calculation of the carat weight.
  • Identification of external and internal characteristics. Plotting and exercises.
  • Colour determination of diamonds by comparison with master stones.
  • Grading of colour and fluorescence.
  • Clarity grading using the HRD Antwerp D-scope and loupe 10x with master stones for reference.
  • Cut grading. Determination of proportions, symmetry and polish. Measuring dimensions using a caliper (micrometer).
  • Use of tables for proportions and symmetry.
  • Examination and grading of fancy cuts.
  • Characteristics and properties of diamonds versus imitations (simulants). Including simple tests to distinguish natural diamonds from imitations.
  • Identification of clarity treatments like crack filling.
  • Introduction to lab. grown diamonds and colour treatments.
  • Final examinations.

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Course Info

This is a 2 weeks course, the attendance of the full course is compulsory

Next session
from 23th March to 3th April

Limited places course
Participation is 15 students per class, selected by interview

Admission requirements
The course offers a complete and qualified specialist course to all those willing to understand and learn more about precious stones and gemstones