It is not only fine metal that makes a piece of jewellery precious. The artisan’s creativity, personal style, the unique way his taste mixes with grand masters’ lessons and fashion tendencies is what makes an object unique. Only pieces conceived in this way can become the classics that can inspire generations to come, a testimonial that conducts Renaissance goldsmithing to contemporary art.

The goldsmith course aims at educating professionals skilled in the crafts of designing and creating jewels, as well as the techniques of working with precious metals. By the end of the course, the students will be able to realize any kind of jewellery, choosing autonomously the most appropriate technique among the ones they have learnt, in order to produce luxurious design objects. Particular attention will be placed on the sharing professors and guest designers’  know-how, so that students to learn how to utilize the given instruments creatively by example.

The course ends with the examinations for the certificate of professional qualification issued by the authority of the Campania Region.

History of jewellery
A broad overview of the history of Goldsmith tradition in Italy and Europe. Students will learn to understand and recognise the styles and decorative techniques from ancient civilizations to contemporary jewellery. From Sumerian jewellery to the creations of ‘900.

Goldsmith Laboratory
After an initial approach to the tools and working materials, to the students will be taught all the most important goldsmith techniques, such as gas+air welding and the use of micro-flame, annealing, drilling, cutting, embossing, stamping, closures, settings, measurement of rings and bracelets, polishing, wax modeling, cleaning and, casting. Students will study items of increasing complexity with the aid of workbenches.
The school provides all the equipment and materials needed for teaching and studying Goldsmith Arts.

The course addresses the issue of digital modelling through the study of the fundamental principles of creating 3-D models. The software used, Rhinoceros, teaches students to create rings, pendants and earrings, and how to enrich them with precious stones. Moreover, students will be involved in learning terminology and concepts of 3-D, so that they are able to create a series of 3-D geometric models from technical drawings, sketches, models and written descriptions.

The course provides all students with the basic foundations concerning the world of precious stones. Gemstones’ creations, physical properties, shapes and major cuts are the main topics which will be studied. Students will also analyse the topics of weight and light and various types of inclusion, besides the different characteristics of different types of precious stones: diamond, corundum, beryl, coral, pearls, amber and quartz.

English for Goldsmith Art
This course focuses on the main features of the English language structures including phonology and grammar. It aims to support students in developing a specific vocabulary concerning the world of Jewellery in English. Students will improve their language learning through software  applications, videos and CDs. Students will be also taught to have also have a full overview of the English terminology of Goldsmith and precious metals. Moreover, the course will prepare students to face in English the world of the Jewellery and Jewellery Exhibition with examples of interviews, commercial correspondence and product data sheets.

Salvatore Fiorenzo

He is a Goldsmith artisan and he started his job by learning from his father, who is a goldsmith artisan too, the secrets and the techniques about the creation of handmade jewels.
He refined his knowledge at Creor where he experienced all the activities required for the industrial production.
He worked as a designer and essemblor at C G. Gioielli di Claudio Chiosi and later at Vigorita Gioielli.
From 2006 to 2013 he was a partner at Quadrifoglio srl,  a company where he acquired the commercial skills to manage a private company.

Now he is the owner of BluOro Gioielli a company that resides in the Goldsmith Center Tarì.

He is a goldsmith professor at TADS

Pasquale Brignola

IGI (Italian Institute of Gemology) Gemologist and Council Member, member of the Italian Board of Gemologists, Professor Brignola is an analyst and researcher of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls and coral.
He got his diploma in Rough Diamond Analysis at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp (IGI Antwerp); he developed his skills thanks to research carried out directly in the precious stones producing countries.
Moreover, he developed considerable experience as Director of Analysis Lab and Gemology Expert for Institutions and Authorities.
He teaches Gemology at TADS.

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Course Info

This is a two year course, the attendance of the full course is compulsory

Next session
September 2018

Limited places course
Participation is 20 students per class, selected by interview

Admission requirements
Completion of compulsory schooling