Over the centuries, the most unexpected have been seduced by the flickering of gold, the diaphanous light of silver and platinum and by the reddish-brown glow in the firing of alloys. Their charm and their kaleidoscopic chromatism derive from precious stone-setting, an art as old as goldsmithing itself.  In fact, the most valiant men’s swords or noble rings destined to sovereigns or ancestors of a lineage were set with precious stones.

The stone-setter course aims at educating students  to able to set gems  accurately using  a wise mix of old techniques and latest generation tools on any goldsmith artisan or horological product. Thanks to the constant collaboration with and the expertise of some of the most capable stone setting masters, students will come away from the course with profound and versatile knowledge, allowing them to realize accurate and precise settings that are carefully adapted to  the structure of the piece.  They will also be able to verify the quality of the final product.

The course ends with the examinations for the certificate of professional qualification issued by the authority of the Campania Region

Stone-setting Laboratory
This course trains students on how to set the stones on jewellery by using metal itself without adhesives. Students will learn the most important techniques of embedding and stone-setting: embedding pavé, polished edges, clay, bezel, prong, channel, bead, burnish and many others . The school provides all the equipment and materials needed for training. Students will study on workbenches using items of increasing complexity.

Adriano Buccino

He is a precious stone setter. He started his job when he was very young thank’s to his father, a goldsmith too.
During his carrer he worked with a lot of companies specialized in the production of high-and jewellery. In this way he obteind a vast experience which he was able to transfer to the apprentice.
14 years later he began his own company scepialized in precious stone stetting.
Today he is the owner of a laboratory for gemological analysis and precious stones setting inside the Goldsmith Center il Tarì.

He also teaches stone-setting lab at TADS.

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Course Info

This is a one year course, the attendance of the full course is compulsory

Next session
September 2018

Limited places course
Participation is 20 students per class, selected by interview

Admission requirements
Completion of compulsory schooling