Since 1991, Tads ( Tarì Design School) has been a vocational school in the Goldsmith Center Il Tarì. Positioned in the heart of Italian excellence in the jewellery industry, Tads is not simply an institution but a true creative laboratory where the experience of the teachers, style of the designers and creativity of the students give rise to innovative, vibrant, unique and emotional projects, while respecting the grand Italian tradition.
Each course promoted by Tads entails theory as well as being supported by hours and hours of practical apprenticeship in the laboratory. Thanks to the Tarì design lab, the school’s incubator, the students can see their ingenious creation come to life.

Tads constant interaction with companies in the luxury and fashion sector, allows for course updates, the organization of internships and the facilitation of entrance into the working world, a true strength.


Goldsmithing has fascinated man for over three thousand years and there is no population in the world that does not have their own tradition, heritage and particular style. The Italian artisan, however, has always been a base for comparison for its genre and enlightening source of inspiration. This region has been witness to the birth and consolidation of the production of silk from San Leucio, high-end tailoring and ceramics from Capodimonte, with taste and elegance second to none. The Neapolitan goldsmithing competes with Tuscany, father of the art for its precious essence.

Today as previously, the most dazzling value of Made-in-Italy is talent, to which Tads is committed. Tads offers the appropriate instruments, the guidance of the most specialized teachers and designers, courses created to adapt to each student’s inclination, state of the art laboratories, and contact with companies in the field to guarantee the possibility of the emergence of this talent. Their art and creativity will not result in a simple job, but rather in a new interpretation of such a noble and antique vocation in the form of a masterpiece to be proud of.



Tarì Design School has been selected to be part of the project of absolute Italian excellence La Regola del Talento. It includes seventeen schools of manufacturing, forerunners in the world of Made-in–Italy and prime in its education, second to none, dedicated to the protection and promotion of creative knowhow. Tads was the only school of watchmaking and goldsmithing invited to be part of the project based on its credentials historically, perminence, roots in the territory, didactic excellence, awards and ability to translate tradition and innovation.


To feed the creativity of our students, support their artistic flair and to bring their projects to fruition, didactic excellence is insufficient. For this reason, the structure of the school is in constant evolution based on the needs of the students, allowing for the most advanced instruments tailored to nurture the upcoming professionals.

The Tarì Design School provides: Two goldsmith Laboratories, One stone-setting laboratory, Two watchmaking laboratories, One gemological laboratory with 20 stations, One laboratory with technical machinery, Two classrooms for technical drawing and planning with 24 stations, Computer laboratory with 24 stations, Creative laboratory with 24.