New Gemmology Courses

New gemmology courses at TADS with HRD Antwerp. Thank’s to a very important partnership from Jenuary 2019 the gemmology courses will be organized in cooperation with l' HRD di Anversa, one of the most qualificated gemmology school of the word. HRD has a history of over 50 years and in its headquarter welcomes every year [...]

Vittorio Zecchin exhibition

At “Le Stanze del Vetro” in Venice  there is an exhibition of Vittorio Zecchin, an artist of glass woks that in XX century  changed the production of the glass object because of the essential design and straordinary colors. Vittorio, whose father was an artisan of glass as well, studied at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice and he […]

Exposition LR100 – Rinascente Stories of Innovation.

The City of Milan | Culture, the Royal Palace and the Rinascente celebrate 100 years of this famous Milanese company with an exhibition that tells the story of a century of customs and culture from Milan and Italy. It will be at The Royal Palace until 24 September 2017. D’Annunzio gave Magazzini Bocconi its new […]

Biennial Art in Venice: Live Art Live

The exhibition “La Biennale di Venezia”, showing until the 26 of November, director by Christina Macel, is an important event for your calendar, as it occurs once every two years. The theme of this edition is “Viva Arte Viva”, a true exclamation for the expression of every artists’ deep feelings. It is a way to […]

Brevimano: the first professional network dedicated to artisans.

Brevimano comes from the Latin term “Brevi Manu” that is “from hand to hand, without intermediation”. Brevimano is above all a project geared towards making the classic image of the artisan more modern and updated through an innovative communication campaign on social media. It is aimed at being  instrumental in entering this sector. It is […]

Bruno Munari on Exhibition

At the museum Ettore Fico in Torin, the exhibition of the creator Bruno Munari documents his complex creative activity as one of the most important characters in the international artistic culture of the twentieth century. The exhibition highlights his multiform research and the originality of his experimentation through a vast and creative path including drawings, […]

The first edition of the Brief Diamond Course

Learning and improving your skills in order to make your job a true passion through knowledge and experiment: this is the concept for those  who intend on expanding their professionalism during the first edition of the Brief Diamond Course promoted by Tarì Design School. Those who already work in the field can consolidate their professional [...]

Tarì Bijoux and Fashion Accessory Fair

The Tarì Design School could not miss the youngest and most dynamic fair at the Goldsmith Center in Campania, the Tarì Bijoux and Fashion Accessory Fair from the 10th to the 13th of March. In the Ruby Pavilion in Stand 59 the Tarì Design School will present all of its scholastic activities, particularly the first edition […]

Queen of Kalahari, a big diamond of Chopard

Some weeks ago a big diamond of 342 carats was found in Karowe’s mine in Botwana. From this exceptional stone was created the most precious set of jewels ever realized by Chopard. The ultra rare gem, called Queen of Kalahari by Caroline Scheufele the co-president of the genovian company, was born from a volcanic stone [...]


The second year students of  goldsmith course visited Amsterdam last week, the most famous diamonds center in the world. The students, that were with the gemmology teacher Pasquale Brignola, went to the  Diamond Museum that took them on a journey of 200 kilometres below the surface of the earth’s crust. Then they went to the […]

Rebranding for The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli is changing its visual identity by organizing an International contest for the creation of a new logo. The rebranding contest  is open to professional graphic designers and agencies. From 20 January to 20 February potential participants can ask questions via email at The deadline to enter the competition […]

Vicenza Oro Jenuary

Vicenzaoro January starts today! The International jewellery fair with more than 1500 brands from 36 different countries (many coming from Goldsmith Center il Tarì). The theme is “The Responsible Gold” for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the jewellery sector. Tonight, during the opening,  there will give The Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards to the [...]

Season greetings from tads

tads would wish to all students and former ones, to academic body, staff, partners and all families the merriest Xmas and an amazing New Year. See you from next January 2nd..!

Finding out (again) a goldsmith’s X-Factor

Come to its sixth edition, Next Generation Jewellery Talent Contest is unanimously appreciated to keep recognizing and promoting some of best Italian and international under 30 goldsmith. Organized by Italian Exhibition Group and Fiera Vicenza, in 2017 will take as inspiring theme “Gioiello e Funzione” (in 2016 focus was on Travel, and in 2015 on Peace, under UN patronate) as […]

Gemmology in 2017 goes full immersion

Tads’ classes in Gemmology are unanimously acknowledged not only for their high formative value but, as well, as an useful tool for so many professionals and sector operators. Standard course is mostly dedicated to boys and girls, both freshly graduated in Goldsmith than those – coming from high school – considering this specific competence as […]

It’s never too early to glance at future

Tads’ doors are always open for those that, once at Il Tarì, are curious to glance inside our classrooms and labs, then being amazed by so many activities going on. Unanimously acknowledged as an excellence between Italian professional schools, and a top level one in goldsmith and watchmaking matter, tads stands as one of most yearned […]

Rome hosts 1st edition of schools’ Biennale

Fostered by MIUR, the Italian Ministry for Education, in partnership with ReNaLiArt (national network of artistic secondary schools) and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, first edition of student’s Art Biennale in now on launch pad, being soon hosted in prestigious Palazzo Venezia, in Rome, from a month starting from next Dec. 15th. Imagined  as one of most […]

Showing off a century of Italian Goldsmith

Poldi Pezzoli Museum is a bijoux itself, hosted in a via Manzoni’s (the street in Milano downtown where Armani set his headquarter, and Teatro alla Scala proudly stands) historical building. There could not be a better site, then, to stage up XXth Century Italian Jewels, an unseen exposition that – starting this 24th until next March 20th – […]

Goldsmiths & setters face their final test

When November says goodbye, it’s traditionally time for Tarì Design School students to dive into their final exams, and 2016 is not an exception. Starting from past 25th and going on until next Wednesday, 30th, future Goldsmiths and Precious Stones Setters will be severely tested in final turnabout of their tads path; this will be, […]

Campania’s coral peeks out for Unesco list

And here we are: a bright future seems yet forthcoming for red coral and cameo manufacture in Torre del Greco, as a well deserved homage for such an ancient traditional art, admired in whole Europe’s courts since five centuries ago. “There were made an empress’ jewels, and those of any reigning queens and all Savoy dynasty […]

PMI Day is back, to build Italy’s 18K future

A day in which small and medium business get in touch with students, teachers and local administrations, opening their factories and offices’ door to show them off how production process goes on, and share with guests their story, achievements, and future plans. This is what we call the PMI Day, and last 11th November has […]

Jewels and fashion romancing in Milan

Not only jewellery but fashion, culture and history as well, considering that any of five hundred pieces in exposition date 1951, just after the second World War. It’s such an amazing menu, that of second-in-a-row year of “Gioielli di Moda” exhibition, currently running on Milan Palazzo Reale and curated by Alba Cappellieri, academic of “Jewellery and […]

tads and I.G.I. to set up a pearly new year

First month of coming year carries up first class in tads for gemmologists: starting on January 23rd, and partnered as usual by I.G.I. (the Italian Gemmologist Institute, the sole acknowledged and authorized by European board FEEG) the course in Analysis and Classification of Pearls will display a 30 hours duration and have a limited enrolment of eleven. The same will […]

Artistar Jewels calling for 2017 wonders

From designer Enzo Carbone, Artistar Jewels is an international event created in 2013 to promote contemporary jewel culture, set on new commercial networks and give birthe to unexpected artistic melting-pots. Each twelve months, up to hundred emergent artists and prominent designers are selected to present their latest works on the proscenium of an exhibition in […]

Is your cv ready for BVLGARI Career Day?

BVLGARI Career Day, scheduled for next November 4th in Marcianise’s Il Tarì, will be not only an amazing opportunity for those finally selected to join the maison, but also for all our students that – taking advantage from the presence of Adecco as an official partner in the event – could learn to use their formation […]

BVLGARI scouts future at tads’ Career Day

People don’t need to be a future goldsmith, to know about BVLGARI, as the brand – well deservedly – enjoys worldwide acknowledgement. Not only luxury and jewellery operators, but each aesthete as well, knows at least some of the masterpieces produced since when, in 1884, silversmith Sotirios Bulgari opened in Rome its first boutique. Dames and stars, from […]

LAO’s Identity will take spring in Florence

Established in 1985 by Giò Carbone, LAO (acronym meaning Le Arti Orafe) has been the first institute in Italy to focalize its teaching on contemporary jewellery study. Just like our tads ideally continues the goldsmith tradition of la Scuola Napoletana, LAO carries on that of Renaissance Florence, but through programs that – while keeping central the acquisition […]

Bijoux and wines up to ferment in NYC

We reported on July about the 6th edition of Gioielli in Fermento, a contest created to find a common path between two of greatest contemporary art forms: goldsmith and winery. At expo-event on Emilian hills more than forty international artists competed to grant themselves this prestigious award, and so did – in junior competition – students from […]

tads masters starring at Il Tarì’s night on

It was a never seen and sparkling Mondo Prezioso exhibit, that seen on stage on last Oct. 7th to 10th; never seen, yes, but not unexpected as there was a crucial birthday to celebrate. Centro Orafo Il Tarì recently turned twenty years since a handful of men planned to transport here – where it was […]

Making brand new out of contemporary

We appreciated La Regola del Talento, a journey into the schools where, all along Italy, masters hand down their know-how to made in Italy manufacture new talents (and where our tads stars as the sole eminence institution for Goldsmith and Watchmaking). We gained yet a brand new perspective from Costruttori di valore, where acknowledged academics explain how […]

Tarì turns twenty of roots and foresight

It was on October, that Columbus discover a new world and Russian people gave to the old one a brand fresh scenario and an unexpected outlook; and it was on October, too, when a handful of Naples’ Borgo Orefici craft-makers and entrepreneurs decided to carry on the centre of local goldsmith from downtown to the countryside of […]

San Gennaro gems to celebrate Tarì’s 20

Countdown is running over, and soon there will debut Mondo Prezioso autumn exhibition: an extraordinarily important venue, this secondo one in 2016, as celebrates Il Tarì’s twenty year anniversary and so much appointments are scheduled to make this edition not to be missed, and impossible to forget. At this point, Il Tarì is unanimously acknowledged […]

Gemologist national board summits at Tarì

A lively weekend, that will involve all tads branch starting from next-coming Friday, October 7th, when will the opening ceremony of Mondo Prezioso expo autumn leg will finally take place. A must-be event, this one, as will mark for the whole family a significant turnabout, that of first twenty years: tads as well will be […]

tads watches watchmakers start their run

Tads new classes are day after day coming to start line, and time is up this week to see new Watchmaking biennial spring into action. As usual, course is fully sold out: people from all over the world knock on tads’ door to win admission to one of most challenging and complete professional course in Europe, the […]

A night to celebrate the talent factor-y

A special appointment, set up to celebrate hundred talents that recently found their place in some of most eminent artisanal workshops, those from, day after day, come out contemporary Italian masterpieces. A grand gala that will enlighten the evening of next Monday, Sept. 26th , and will gather in Milan’s Cariplo Found auditorium some of […]

Dazzling new subs in next Goldsmith class

Countdown is up to get over and soon (save the date: Thursday 22nd at 8.30 a.m.) twenty boys and girls, future talents of made in Italy goldsmith, will put for the very first time their feet into a tads lab. As usual, places are definitely sold-out: limited enrolment is, for our students, the best assurance that […]

Tads future, knocking on the door

Like any other year, September drives back in tads old and brand new students: first mentioned to face second year’s admission tests (and amongst them the group coming from South Africa, for the cultural exchange program launched in 2015), the others being hyper for finally arriving at start-line of the formative process that from Tarì school would […]

Rainbow Country students back for 2nd

Time to come back at Tarì School and this week will be Goldsmiths and Watchmakers’ turn; meanwhile (as our classes are at limited enrollment, to grant each student the excellence of learning and the availability of all hi-tech lab assets, just like microscopes, 3D printers, and so on) the rush to last places in different […]

Exams time for “starring” Goldsmith Art classes

It’s exam time for first year Goldsmith Art students. On last Monday, they spent some lab time, realizing a earring fretwork as final test to gain their admission on second year classes, starting soon. They will be the last, actually, to face this intermediate test as – according with the new program – there will be from […]

Mounting: an ancient yet so futuristic art

There’s anything that could get improved: and though our Precious Stones Mounting class has been for long time one of Italy’s more qualifying, it was not enough to us. Three years ago, then, we decided to set up a complete restyling: it was so in-depth and minute that took an entire “sabbatical” year to get […]

A golden September

There’s any that choose to enjoy August ferie and other that in hottest month work hard to prepare the goldsmith and jewellery season debut event, nowadays the outstanding expo in Italy and, yet, one of the top ones all over the world. Vicenzaoro takes off next Saturday in the usual framework of Fiera di Vicenza, […]

tads news will be back soon: keep in touch

tads newtork newscasting pauses for summer holidays, but we’ll be back soon, on upcoming August 29th Stay tuned on website on blog and on Facebook @Tarì Design School Instagram @taridesignschool Twitter @tarischool

tads on Rai TG1economia: now on YouTube

It’s now available online on Tari Design School YouTube channel the integral version of regional newscast and economics national newscast program that twice, last week, presented our school to Italian audience. A well deserved acknowledgement for the restless run of tads towards excellence in formation, building up today’s talents to make them bloom in tomorrow’s […]

tads goes blogging on

It was just a July day in 1997, that in which a man placed on the net the very first weblog post: the day a blog prime came to life, so, according to internet legend. Since then much has passed on, and those online diaries naïvely made from simple amateurs (not so far from a [...]

New talents from Sicily to… Edward’s Court

A home visit saying so much about how tads is yet established as an absolute focus point and a leader in professional and craftsmen formation for jewel makers, gemmologists, designers and watch makers. And, also, a trip witnessing how deep and fierce is the determination moving made in Italy new talents, those that soon will reap […]

tads double-knocks on Rai TV newscast

Tads is constantly growing, starring in last two days also on national TV program schedule: first on Campania regional channel – Sunday, in evening news – then today also on main channel, presented during economics daily newscast as one of most shining formation institutes, a privileged gateway to get into work scenario, and a well-known […]

Past know-hows to set up future jewelry

On a side, a romancing hearth, made by dreams and creativity of many and many that sat on teaching desk since 1991. Between them, some of most gifted and famous craftsmen and manufacturer of Italian goldsmith art, bearing high the standard of a well-known and undisputed excellence, whose roots are in ancient Scuola Napoletana and […]

An Italian goldsmith in NYC: meet Sara

From Salento to the Big Apple it’s a long way, unless you’re wearing the seven league boots. Sara Greco found her own boots (and boost) in a fierce determination, a pure talent and… in what she learns (also) sitting in tads desks. Being a goldsmith it’s a dream that she dreamed since she was, 12 when for […]

Sapphires: a watchmaker’s best friends

Such a long name, for brand new Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique Sapphire, though as long as the row of zeros to write down on a check by someone who wants this unique timepiece, astonishingly priced 1.1 million dollars. To build such an exclusive quotation a significant role is played by the number of pieces released, just […]

Learning watchmaking by masters

Since 1973, ETA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse has occupied (and still does!) a unique position in time industry. If the word “Switzerland” by itself stands worldwide as a synonymous of watchmaking, well it also true that ETA is considered an absolute market leader even by its fellow countrymen. Drawing inspiration from an unparalleled technical, industrial and human heritage, […]

Made in Italy knows how

Cologni Found, a non-profit body founded in Milan, since 1995 operates to create a fresh generation of art masters, thus preserving more ancient traditionally handcraft, and protecting those from being overcome by global market. In this path, focused on setting up a new Renaissance, Cologni Found has during the years promoted events and books, such […]

Rajola celebrates 90… back to future

Ninety years could be so light to carry, cherished by the memory of a Universal Expo gold medal (in Dunedin, New Zealand, just on firm’s debut) and the consciousness of a path that, since that 1926, has never turned back. Growing up could be so different from getting older, and actually Rajola – nowadays like […]

Fab-Atelier, where wishes…

…come true. Or, they say, you design and we do the rest. Sounds so good, the claim conceived to promote this project that, far from seizing only already successful jewel-makers, open his doors to all fashion, art or pure design students with a good idea, and no clue of how to land on the market. Standing mid-way between […]

San Gennaro’s, richest treasure on earth

Wider and richer than the British Crown’s one, or that owned by Russian Tsars, collected along seven centuries thanks to the generosity of Popes and Emperors, or common people’s pious efforts, San Gennaro Treasure was established in mid 1500, and since 2003 is kept in namesake Museum, just at side of the Dome of Naples. Here […]

Yes, we do design

It’s not just for it sounds good, that our school name it’s in English. Though firmly embedded on his territory, worldwide renowned for its handcrafted excellences, and planted inside a Centro Orafo Il Tarì that is by its own disposition positively and deeply Italian, tads even more frequently blinks at the planet outside, both through our students […]

tads starred at ‘GIF’ international contest

Come to his sixth edition, Gioielli in Fermento international contest recently celebrated his final act, with a two-week exposition and a crowded pricing ceremony in the romantic landscape of Emilian vineyards… Gioielli in Fermento, actually, sounds in Italian like a somehow “Brewing Jewellery”, and since his debut in 2011, the GIF, as well as linked Premio Torre Fornello, priorly focused […]

tads awarded at MAM prize gala

Last Monday, June 6th, in a Triennale di Milano Honor Salon hosting a large though selected audience, took place the prizing ceremony of first edition of MAM – Maestri d’arte e Mestieri. Proudly patronized by eminent Foundation Cologni for the Art Crafts, the award mean to give a recognition to all those Italian excellences that, by […]

tads on web and social: time to restyle

Not yet summertime, nor time to holiday up: it’s nevertheless such an amazing Monday, this June’s first, as here starts a new season for the “on air” Tarì Design School, that you tirelessly you follow on web… and social network as well. The website, please say you noted it, is all new in graphics, contents, […]

Rajola Jewelry Design Contest

Rajola Jewellery Design Contest, 90 years and not showing it. An interesting opportunity is being offered to the most talented artisans by Rajola spa. Winners of the contest  “Rajola Jewellery Design Contest, 90 years and not showing it” will have the possibility do an internship in the company besides the monetary prize. The categories for […]

VOD Vicenza Oro Dubai

Si è conclusa il 17 aprile Vicenza Oro Dubai. Il salone frutto della joint venture tra Fiera di Vicenza e Dubai World Trade Centre ha registrato 10.142 presenze di operatori internazionali, buyer e visitatori offerendo agli operatori del settore la possibilità di entrare in nuovi mercati interessati alla gioielleria d’alta gamma e di instaurare nuovi [...]

Iscrizione Arte Orafa

E' il corso di oreficera quello che negli anni suscita maggiore interesse da parte di candidati ed aspiranti studenti del Tads. Anche quest'anno la tendenza non cambia. Il percorso didattico, accreditato dalla Regione Campania come percorso professionale, forma allievi in grado di progettare a mano, al CAD mediante l'ausilio delle più nuove tecnologie e realizzare [...]