It is not by chance that the  “watch” is a synonym for precision and perfect regulation: its manufacturing  demands extreme attention and care, high mechanical competence, skills and good taste. The timepiece a person chooses is not limited to telling time, rather it articulates the passing of time, a precious asset that cannot be bought or sold.

A watchmaker is not simply an artisan but the totality of designer, physicist and doctor. It is upon these principles that Tads has developed this course, aimed at forming professionals competent in creating and providing technical assistance for any timepiece.

The didactic program provides the students with the most specialized technical skills for manufacturing, assembling and disassembling, maintaining and repairing a watch. It enables the students to perfectly deal with one of the most complex and noble jobs in the craftsman tradition. Moreover, students will be able to create unique pieces destined for bequeathing, and become professionals who can confidently identify defects and damages in mechanisms and repair them.

Thanks to the partnership between TADS and ETA S.A. Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, the best students have the chance to attend a specialized study programme at the ETA Training Center, Grenchen, Switzerland.

The course ends with the examinations for the certificate of professional qualification issued by the authority of the Campania Region

Watchmaker Laboratory
The course programme goes from the ancient pocket watches’ analysis (mostly based on a few basic elements) to the ultramodern watches we see today . After the first few months of impact with the pieces, the students face an in-depth study of the quartz, the main element of modern watchmaking.

English for Watchmakers
This course focuses on the main features of the English language structures (phonology, grammar, register, skills) and aims to support students in developing a specific vocabulary concerning the world of Watchmakers in English. Students will improve their language by learning through software applications, videos and CDs. Students will be also taught a full overview of the English terminology of Watchmakers.

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Course Info

This is a two year course, the attendance of the full course is compulsory

Next session
September 2020

Limited places course
Participation is 20 students per class, selected by interview

Admission requirements
Completion of compulsory schooling