Placement Process

The collaboration between Tads and the most important Italian companies in the field of fashion, luxury, design, and goldsmithing is a pilaster in our students educational process. Through our professional network, there is personal growth and constant technical monitoring of brands that could offer future work through internships, visits to the companies, research projects and interaction between professional figures with different specializations.

The level of excellence found at Tads is recognized nationally for the development of goldsmith artisans, together with its history of expertise of major brands (200 of which are present at The Goldsmith Center Il Tarì) and the innovative vision of our students, which in turn are inspired by the these companies for the upcoming trends.

ADI  Altanus  Antonio D’errico  Antony Morato  Artigli  Bencivenga Betwoin  Braddock Camomilla Italia  Carpisa  Chirico Gioielli Cierre Gioielli Coscia  Cotton Star  De Maria  Exigo Fondazione Cologni Generoso De Sieno Gioielli  Gianni Carità Giorgia & Johns Hammer  Hanita  Kilesa Italia  J.J.Olson  Luce Bianca  Luise Gioielli Marcello Pane  Mario Valentino  Medaglia foto  Mediterraneo Gioielli  My charm  Nardelli  Nino Lettieri  Piel  PDK  Quid-iamond Rajola Richemont Roberto Giannotti  Rovian  Rudy  Sarah Chole Shiver Silvian Heach  SoloMio Bijoux  Sonny Bono  Tatiana Faberjè  Tjf   What’s More Alive Than You Wop  Zeis Academy