Planning a form from nothing, seeing one’s idea become a design, a project, and finally a prototype or even contending with the classics in goldsmithing by trying to recreate the creative process of past designers: these processes, like few others, can provide the level of emotion found in following the development of curved line on a monitor to a finished piece of jewellery. Tads has made this possible by providing the most advanced technological software for its students.

Rhinoceros is a commercial software application for the free form modeling of sculpted surfaces based on the mathematic representation called NURBS commonly used in jewellery design. It is used in other fields such as industrial design, architecture, naval and automobile design, CAD/CAM and prototyping. The multidisciplinary function of Rhino makes it ideal for high geometric definition in 2D and 3D, creation of parametric planning, exportation of files over in 30 formats, and is considered therefore, one of the most versatile software on the market as well as being easily understood.

The First Level course is geared towards those who have little or no knowledge of the software, facing  basic themes relative to interface graphics and precision design, rendering and NURBS modeling. During the lessons students will practice practical 2D designs, planning (or replanning of existing models) in 3D geometry, presentation of projects through the creation of illustrated tables. After passing the final exam, students will obtain the international certificate from McNeel Rhino  for the Frist Level.

The Second Level course is dedicated to those who possess the first level certificate or who have experience with the software. The objective of the course is to finalize the learning and the use of the more advanced functions of the program, examining in depth  themes relative to the creation and manipulation of the NURBS surfaces, acquiring the instruments necessary to realize complex models in the fields of goldsmithing. Upon  passing the final exam, students will be provided with the international certificate McNeel Rhino  for the Second Level

Rhino 6 level I

Part I
Introduction and general information

Rhino for windows

Part II
Creation and geometries editing

Precision modeling

Drawning of ellipses and polygons

Geometries editing

Point editing

Part III
Modeling and 3D editing

Import and exportation

Rhino 6 livello II

Part I

NURBS typology

Continuity of curves and surfaces

Curvature graphic

Checking of curve’s continuity


Analysis of continuity’s surface

Matching of the continuity and curves

Addition of knot  on the surface

Control command of the continuity

Blend surface

Modeling with history of construction

UDT commands



Part II
Modeling strategy for jewellery

Matteo Petraroia

Architect and Designer, he graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

Freelancer in the field of Design, he founded in 2001 “START MEDIA AGENCY” in the field of multimedia graphics, where he worked until 2005. He has also carried out research in the fields of three-dimensional modelling applied to Design and Architecture, improving his knowledge of programmes such as: Rhinoceros, 3DS, Cinema 4D and MaxwellRender.

He has also worked as University Expert for courses of Architectural Design, Landscape Architecture and Design at the University of Naples “ Federico II”.

Official trainer (ART) Rhino McNeel Europe

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Course Info 

The course lasts 24 hours. This 24 hours  are divided into 3 days of a full time training from 8:30 am to 13:30 pm and from 14:30 pm to 17:30 pm

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